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We received these irises from you in September. As you promised, all had green growth on all plants. I was worried about the Speed Limit iris because its greenery died where all others grew. But last month a little shoot started where the original plant lay so I was thrilled with the success I have had with your irises. But to top it all off, two weeks ago, the Double Shot bloomed. I couldn't believe it. I was able to take irises to my mom in Minnesota. Wow! Thank you for your wonderful company. Yours sincerely, Roxanne - Fall 2018

TWO big, beautiful iris rizomes arrived yesterday! How kind of you! Thank you so much. Emily L. (2017)

I have purchased Irises from Pleasant Valley a number of times over the years. Now that I have moved to a new home, I would not look for any other alternative than this family run business. I have always been impressed with the variety of their Irises and the health of their product when they arrive. The Irises all come very well packaged with instructions, and I have never "lost" a single planting. What is also very remarkable is the personal pride that the family has in what they obliviously love to do. There have been a few occasions that I have had the pleasure to have spoken with the principals of this farm, and they are warm and caring people. I wish more companies were owned and run by such fine people. They don't merely sell a product, they provide a service. Jeff (2017)

Mr. Richard...what can I say. Wow! What service. When I asked you to send them, I didn't mean for you to go and dig them up on a Saturday. Next week would have been fine. If all businesses treated their customers like you've treated me, this world would be a much better place to live. Again, thank you so very much. I really will remember you next year when I start my third bed. - Joy (2016)

The bulbs I purchased last season are blooming almost 1 by 1. I planted them all over the two acres and take a walk in the mornings. It's a surprise to see what has bloomed! I am ordering more and different ones..so excited..I have told several friends and hopefully they will be ordering from you as well..thank you, thank you.. Linda G.(2016)

Hi, I just wanted to send the pics of the Iris I bought last year, they grew so gorgeous! You may use this as a propaganda ha ha, after all, I am a pleased customer. Luisa (2015)

I was extremely pleased with my order last year, they wintered well and they are just now beginning to blossom! I am so excited to see them all! Carol C. (2015)

Customer service was superb and prompt..I cannot wait to receive my order! Linda (2015)

I was so happy yesterday when I found my Iris order on my porch. I see that you sent some extras. Wow! I didn't expect that. Good service is in short supply these days and to find someone who goes above and beyond is especially refreshing and appreciated. Thanks again, Bonnie (2014)

I just wanted to comment on your irises. I have placed several orders this year with various iris farm. I am an avid collector and I wanted to let you know that of all the orders I received this year, your irises looked the best and appeared the healthiest. Thank you for taking pride in your product it shows! Sincerely, Cara C. (2014)

I received and planted the Iris bulbs yesterday and am very satisfied with the quality! Thanks -Roger (2014)

You are a prince [or princess]. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the coupon code. Every penny counts when you are retired and trying to build a beautiful bed of iris. - JERRY. (2014)

Your irises are so beautiful! And the rebloomers bloomed 3 times! Plus Scented Bubbles has rebloomed for me. I already divided them, so I don't have room for any more. So I am not ordering more, but I wanted to let you know that it's NOT because I am not satisfied. I have gotten great pleasure from your irises. Thanks - Maggie I. (Spring, 2014)

Truly Amazing! Thanx for the beautiful blooms. The pink is due to open soon. - Lynda M. (Spring, 2014)

Hi, there: You may remember me, I'm your biggest fan in North Carolina. Your/My Iris garden is phenomenal this year. Spectacular, so lovely. I see neighbors and visitors stroll by and stop in front oohing and ahhing and pointing and I'm so happy. Thanks -Zanita (Spring, 2014)

I recieved my order that I had placed in Spring a few weeks ago. It was packed with care, everything beautifully labeled and with a great hand written note and fantastic instructions. The bulbs are currently soaking in water for planting tomorrow - as we've had a late summer heat wave. I can't thank you enough for all the thought and care you put into my order. Next Spring can't come soon enough! Best, Maggie P. (2014)

Awesome! I received my shipment and was overwhelmed at the product. I was amazed at the packing and plants. Previously this year I placed an order with another vendor and I received a bare root plant in a clear plastic bag. I was so impressed that I ordered more and canít wait to plant them all together. Thank you Iris Farmer!! -Yvette S. (2014)

Dear Iris Farmer, Hello! First , I would like to say how excited I was to receive my order yesterday, and how very surprised I was to see the condition the bulbs came in. I was delighted!! I have never ordered plants online that such care has been taken to assure their safe arrival and health. Again, thank you for your attention to detail and beauty. Some day I hope to be able to visit your farm. It looks beautiful. Joyfully gardening in Texas,Donna G. (2014)

Thank you so much for your prompt service and absolutely wonderful Iris rhizomes. They were in perfect condition when they arrived and I look forward to next years beautiful flowers. Marlene P. (2014)

I received both of my orders and the rhizomes look great! Canít wait until spring! Thank you. Paula J. (2014)

I wanted to let you know my experience with your irises in case others are having the same: about 2 years ago I ordered a few dozen varieties (all different), just to see which, if any, would do well in my part of Texas (Austin-ish). The following Spring only a few bloomed, so I concluded that they weren't suited for our climate. However, THIS Spring I believe every single one has not only bloomed but they were spectacular. Really beautiful.... That's why I just ordered another couple dozen, to continue to determine which will do the best and which I'll want to order more than 1 of when I narrow down the real winners for my area. Based on this year's showing it will be hard to pick! Just thought I'd say something to let people know to be patient - let them get adjusted. It was well worth the wait. Thanks! - John O. (Spring, 2014)

Got my plants today and they look great. - Sandra (2013)

I received my order yesterday, which was exciting. But what a lovely surprise - you gifted me some extra iris! Thank you so much. I followed all your instructions and everything is planted. We look forward to watching them bloom. -Emma O. (2013)

I got my iris on Saturday. Since I work weekends, I wasn't able to plant them till this morning, but I did that. They arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for the extra one you sent. I think it's going to be hard to wait til Spring to see them! I am impressed with your company and posted a nice write-up on Facebook about you. Hopefully it will bring you a new customer or two.I'd sure like to be able to come see your farm when it's blooming. I bet it's breathtaking. Thanks again. - Sidney (2013)

I wanted to tell you that my irises from my order last year are beautiful. I have become your sales rep. in WI., because anytime someone asks me where to get irises, I tell them IrisFarmer. - Jane (2012)

I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. Your patience and kindness with me have made Pleasants Valley my first choice place to buy my irises from for now on! Thanks. - Michelle (2012)